The Chronicles
of Father Robin

        The Songs & Tales of Airoea

The Chronicles of Father Robin, or TCOFR, is a Norwegian band and a collection of thoughts and metaphors on life and being - collected and depicted in music, illustrations, maps and poetry


It is a conceptual story of a travellers journey through a mythical archaic world inhabited by various creatures, animals and phenomenon. As the journey goes on the traveller and his view of the world changes as a consequence of the choices he makes to solve the different obstacles and challenges he encounters along the way. 

The world, Airoea, the creatures and the traveller all hold within them several layers of meaning, and can be understood as what they merely seem to be, but also more like symbols, principles, movements or interacting necessities.

For over 20 years the band has been working on the concept of the character Father Robin and his journeys in Airoea.

The history is told through a large collection of songs on 3 records. A hand numbered and limited boxed set including 3 x 180 grams vinyl, 3 x CDs and a 12 page booklet with illustrations by several artists, e.g. the english illustrator Oliver Barret, will be released in 2019.

Through the conceptual regions of Airoea and TCOFR there runs a stream or woven thread of myths, folklore, philosophy, sociology, biology, religions, literature, culture, history, psychology, metaphysics and semiotics. But, first and foremost it is a travellers tale told in music, text and imagery.

In 2013 The Chronicles of Father Robin debuted two songs from this concept on the 12" vinyl "Twilight Fields EP". The release was limited to 300 copies, and as of August 2018 there are very few copies left.  You can listen to them here: